A long week

Hey everyone! Our first tutorial is up at Modify Tradition.

nine patch

We're starting simple but we'll move to more challenging blocks as we go along.

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. In just the last week my grandma was in the hospital (I rode in the ambulance!), my mom came into town, Ian was super sick (we had to cancel Halloween but we're having a make-up Halloween this weekend) and the furnace went out twice. I haven't had any time for sewing or picture taking or anything fun.

Everything is slowly returning to normal: grandma is out of the hospital, Ian is feeling better and they showed me how to fix the furnace if it goes out again. I have tonight and most of tomorrow all to myself and I'm so excited to do some sewing and picture taking (I got something in the mail that I can't wait to show you) and maybe I'll make scones (I bought everything but haven't had the time to bake). I can't wait to take some time to be creative. I'll post about mystery mail, my projects and other fun things soon, promise.