Blogger's Quilt Festival, Fall 2009

I can't believe it's quilt market time again! I can't wait to see pictures of everyone's booths and all of the online "quilt booths".

My entry for the festival is a quilt I made for a giveaway on my blog. Well, actually, that's what happened in the end, but it didn't start out that way.

July 2009 quilt

This quilt started because I was avoiding working on another quilt. While sitting at my machine not working on the quilt, I looked over at my scrap bin of tiny triangles (most of them from when I make bindings for quilts) and thought "something has to be done with those triangles. I simply cannot stand looking at them any longer." You know how it is.

July 2009 quilt

So I pieced them into squares and then I couldn't just leave them like that. I sashed them in white and then used pieces of leftover binding strips to sash them all again. And then I found this great flannel to use for the backing and then had a quilting and binding marathon and then decided to give it away on my blog. I finished the whole thing in less than a week which is an all time record for me (by about two months, yikes!)

July 2009 quilt

But I really wanted to keep it for myself since it was so much fun to make! This was my first foray into truly improvisational piecing. I had no idea what this quilt would be when I started piecing those triangles. And each step came to me in a flash and I just went with it. I trusted my intuitions without over thinking things.

And, surprisingly, not having a plan was fun instead of frustrating. I couldn't make a mistake, you know? And usually the planning (the best part, imo) is over before the quilt is even started...but not with improv piecing! I was still planning up until the very end.

So, that's why I picked this quilt for my entry. It represents yet another step in my quilting education. I didn't use pins, I trusted my 1/4" seams, I chose colors that I probably wouldn't have and I had fun just letting it all happen.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your visit!