Tour des Moustaches

Ian has two house guests this week. His friend Erin just flew in from New Jersey (and boy are her arms tired). His other guest is me because the plumbing guys are hard at work at my house.

Today Erin and I walked over to the Minnesota State Capitol. It was my plan to photograph some of the many mustachioed gubernatorial portraits for you, a Tour des Moustaches if you will, but the lighting was bad and they all turned out blurry. Instead, I'll show you photos of the ceilings...not as charming but nice just the same.

Here's the dome over the rotunda:


It's very grand! Here's the ceiling in the house chambers:

house chambers

It's very ornate! And here's a ceiling in a random hallway:

painted ceilings

It's just plain awesome! Also, if you take a moment to look at the floor, you'll see these guys hanging out on the base of all the lamps in the capitol:

strange creatures on lamp

Aren't they cute? And lastly, the outside of the main dome and the golden quadriga:


I feel so lucky to have a state capitol as lovely as ours. And I feel extra lucky to be able to see it every day. And if you visit me in Minnesota, I'll take you on the Tour des Moustaches and you'll feel lucky too.