Studio update

My parents will be in town tonight and will be staying overnight at my house. My house that's filled with boxes. In the guest bedroom, which is also filled with boxes. So, instead of peeling wallpaper and preparing rooms to paint, I spent most of my night moving boxes out of the kitchen so we can all eat dinner together. What little time I had afterwards, I spent in the studio.

My first priority was fabric, of course:


The second was coming up with a layout I liked:

studio during

The third was dreaming about my new painting nook:

studio during

And the fourth was trying to attach white felt to these big sheets of pink insulation (my new design wall).

room4studio during

Staples didn't work, they slipped right back out. Tape didn't work because it wouldn't stick to the felt. I searched in vain for my glue gun but couldn't find it in any of the boxes labeled "studio". Not surprising. This week I'd like to pick up one of those low temperature glue guns in hopes that the glue will stick to both the felt and the insulation without melting either. If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas so I'm going to look up tips on the internet.

It really feels good to get a little bit of my life back. The studio is far from finished but the essentials are there. The hole in my chest is just a little bit smaller today.