This weekend while I was unpacking and waiting for delivery people and construction people and feeling the need to stress eat, I threw together the only ingredients I had on hand and made shortbread.

shortbread mold

Most of the cookies got stuck in the mold when I turned it over but I managed to get two pretty wedges which I saved for Ian.

Then the delivery guys came and set up the new table that my grandma picked out. I picked some flowers from the front yard and admired my little shortbread cookies for as long as it took to take this picture. Then I ate most of the "ruined" cookies myself. Not a great idea but what can you do...

shortbread cookies

And I didn't notice it because it's been so hot here this week...but fall is coming:

changing leaves

I'd love to take a week off of work and have a stay at home vacation...pajamas, falling leaves, sewing, reading, hot apple cider. But there's no time for that right now. And that's fine...I just hope I don't miss the whole fall while I'm so busy with other things.