Jane Market Bag

Since I've had no time to sew and since I've been obsessively thinking about sewing, I think it's time for a confession. I love the idea of designing and making my own bags but I just DO NOT want to design and make my own bags. Three dimensional sewing is (in my mind) pretty fussy and the pattern drafting sounds complicated. I know I COULD do it if I wanted to...but the thought of making my own pattern and all the associated trial and error really turns me off to the whole thing.

It's taken me years but I finally admitted to myself that I'm not a bag creator. My heart just isn't in it. That's why after months of almost hitting the shiny virtual button, I finally bought the Jane Market Bag pattern designed by Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy.

I read through the pattern immediately (downloadable patterns are awesome!) and it looks so easy to make. And yet the finished product is really sassy with those pockets and the pin tucks along the side edges. The pattern is very clearly written and the steps are completely non-fussy. I haven't made a bag yet but it's easy to see that the hardest part will be choosing fabrics.

I'll definitely have more to say about this after I get some quality time with the pattern. Probably not until next week though. Until then, check out the flickr pool if you haven't already. I love seeing how the different fabrics change the feeling of the bag.