Design wall update!

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner but I figured out how to attach the felt to my design wall. Pins! Like, long quilting pins. I put them in an an angle closer to sideways than not and grouped a few together, each pointed in a different direction. I took photos but, of course, forgot to take them off my camera. So, I'll be able to show you my finished design wall once I can find more pins. They're packed away somewhere and I used up all I could find on the first of three panels.

Thanks for your suggestions yesterday. Sometimes I get so focused on one idea that I completely miss the obvious.

Oh, and last night, my parents went to bed before I did. I walked past the stairs and they were talking and I couldn't resist telling them to stop goofing off and go to bed. Just like they used to yell up to us when we were little. My dad asked for popcorn which is always what my brother and I would ask for after bedtime and we all laughed. Earlier in the evening we sat outside and ate pizza and listened to the geese fly overhead. It was nice, just like the old days. I think I'm really going to like living here again, now that I'm no longer an angsty teen.