Baby quilt conundrum

So, most of you know that I don't have kids. And none of my friends have kids. But I have a kid-related question and I thought some of you might be able to offer some advice.

Laura and I are planning to make things for the annual holiday craft sale at her work and in addition to some small things, I'd like to make some baby quilts.

But I don't know what size they should be. I was thinking around 40"x55" because the kid won't grow out of it for years. But then I see tiny quilts for sale online, (around 24"x36") and I think, that's just too tiny. But maybe it's not? Can a baby quilt be too big?

So, what do you think? What's the best size for a baby quilt, from a parent's perspective?

I wish I had some photos to offer you in return for your advice but I'm still unpacking and getting settled in at the new house. The de-wallpapering is going well and I think I'll be able to start painting the studio on Friday. It's going to take me a while because I have so many other things going on this week and weekend. I'm going just a bit nuts without my sewing machine, it's definitely a priority.