wishful thinking

Do you all remember in New Moon when Edward breaks up with Bella? And she feels like she has an empty hole in her chest where her heart used to be? Wait, what am I saying, of course you remember.

Well, that's exactly how I feel these days. No, not because someone left me. Because I haven't done any quilting (or anything really creative) in weeks (my dress doesn't count because it wasn't fun to make). I know I'm being ridiculously dramatic but that's actually how I feel. Hollow, empty, not whole.

To help ease the pain (or make it worse?), I wanted to show you what I'd be sewing if I could, if I was in my studio, if I didn't have many more boxes to move and then unpack.

First, you know I'm desperate because I want to try pieced circle blocks! Circles! I've never wanted to sew curved seams in my entire life! But now I do?

Yes, I do. And I would use this tutorial for cutting and piecing my blocks.

Also, another quilt I thought I didn't want to make but now I'm pretty certain I do want to make is a Cathedral Window quilt. Oh yes, a whole quilt!

I used to look at these little blocks and I could never understand how they were made. But then I found this tutorial and now it all makes sense. Mostly there's just a lot of folding and then some machine stitching and then some hand stitching (or all hand stitching if you prefer).

The best part about this block is that it's a quilt-as-you-go project. There's no batting or backing or quilting...you just add little windows until you reach the desired size or until you get sick of making windows. And then you have a finished quilt!

So, for now, I'm just going to suck it up and pretend I don't have a Cathedral Window-shaped hole in my chest. I'm just going to move some more boxes and maybe unpack my fabric. That should help...seeing my fabric stacked back in neat little piles. And maybe, just maybe, I'll have some time this weekend to work on something fun. I'm not sure how much longer I'll last if I don't.

Oh, the drama! My life is so hard!