Move update

Yes, this week there is movement. I'm easily distracted so last week it was nice to say to myself "I know you feel distracted but this week you will work on your dress and next week you will move your stuff." And giving myself permission to focus on just one project felt really nice. I got my dress done, I breathed a sigh of relief and now I can focus on this week's task.

Yesterday I made two trips to the new house, both studio related. Yes, my sewing machine is at the new house, yes I'm sad, yes I know that this temporary separation is for the best. Because this week is about moving, not sewing.

Do you want to see the new studio? This room was my parent's bedroom and it looks exactly the same as it did when we moved into the house 20+ years ago:

studio before

Yes, that's yellow wallpaper (stripes!) and yellow paint (even the ceiling is yellow). The first order of business is to take off the wallpaper. I spent a lot of time last night peeling it off and thankfully it came off fairly easily. I'm about a quarter done and it was sort of fun. You never know if the next strip you peel is going to be a big one. Exciting, right?

studio before

I'm narrowing down my paint choices and I'm leaning towards a light aqua for the walls (white ceiling, of course). I have a lot of work to do at the old house first, though. So for now I'll peel a little bit of paper each time I drop off boxes.

Also, here's another wallpaper adventure:

bedroom before

My old bedroom! Can you believe it? I saved my allowance for an entire year to buy that mural. It was so awesome when I was a teenager. Now? Well, ok, fine, it's not so awesome now that I'm 28. The good news is that the paper came off in full sheets. Whew! I need to wash the wall and then decide on a paint color. But I really can't decide! I want every room in my house to be aqua but I don't think that's allowed. So, we'll see.