Moodiness is rather dull. At least it is for now. Tonight we'll be celebrating Ian's birthday (because it's his birthday) and tomorrow we're going on a picnic and nature-photographing outing (because I bought him a camera for his birthday...which he already knows about because he picked it out). So my near future will be less dull.

But my present is...sigh...rather tiresome. My Venetian dress update for day 4 is uninteresting so I've decided to include it in a less dull update on day 5 later this weekend.

To break the monotony, here's a terrible photo of more coasters and cloth napkins:

more coasters and napkins

I sent these to the lovely Jennifer. My camera hated this blue/green combination. I tried to add some yellow to the photo to balance things out but I'm not impressed. I have a confusing sort of photoshop program (Gimp) but I never use it because it really is super confusing.

But I've been thinking a lot about mood lately. Like, when I take photos, they're pretty much all the same, all pretty straightforward. So I want to know, are most moody pictures doctored to give the correct feel or are there just super talented photographers who can get the camera to do what they want? I'm not talented in either direction but I want to be.

I guess more practice is in order? Fall is coming and I feel it's the moodiest of all seasons. It's complex, you know? There's the sadness that summer is over, regret over missed opportunities. There's the anticipation of cool weather, of sweaters and tweed, of the holidays and snow. There's the joy of crunchy leaves and spooky nights and crisp mornings. And over all of that is an umbrella of anticipation...the feeling of starting over fresh, left over from my schoolgirl days. Fall is filled with moods of all kinds and I'd like to capture them with my camera. Only I don't know how.

Well, this post has wandered itself right out of the doldrums and into another post entirely. I think I'll leave off here, thinking thoughts of the fall. And what I'll do and what I'll wear and maybe a new haircut and apple picking and knee high stockings...