Happy accident

I was at the fabric store the other night looking for 505 Spray Basting but they didn't have it. But, they DID have the Dresden Plate ruler I was looking for a while back. And for 30% off!

Just look at these little...um, petals? I don't know what they're called but I love them!

dresden plate petals

And just so you all know, Ian hates Dresden Plates. I threatened to blog about it while we were having our little "Dresden Plates are the best! (says me) No, they're not! (says Ian)" discussion the other day.

His argument is that no matter what fabrics are used, the pattern itself is just too old fashioned. Which got me thinking. I feel exactly the opposite. I mean, just look at these dresden plates or these grandmother's flower garden quilts and tell me they feel old fashioned.

In my mind, color and fabric choice have more to do with the mood of the quilt than the pattern. I feel that traditional patterns can be reclaimed for today by updating the color choices. On the flip side, I feel that very "modern" quilt patterns can be made to feel more traditional by using the appropriate fabrics.

How do you feel about this issue? Are there certain blocks that just scream "old fashioned" to you, no matter the fabric choice? Do you prefer modern or traditional quilt blocks/patterns/colors? Inquiring minds want to know!