Garden party

I love when I buy something on etsy and overpay on shipping (etsy's shipping calculator sucks). This little bit of money gets refunded (by the good sellers anyway) and that little bit of money sits in my paypal account, just waiting for me to spend it. It's like free money. It's out of my bank account, it's as good as gone...only it's not actually gone.

Today I had enough "free" money to buy a flat rate envelope's worth of fabric including this beauty from Anna Maria Horner:

garden party fabric

It's from her Garden Party line, "Guest of Honor" in Ice. The print is huge and the plan is to use it for the backing on a quilt. I'd like to use the flowers as a guide for the quilting. Won't that be fun?

Of course, knowing me, it'll take a few years before I get around to making the top that will go with this fabric. But I'll be ready when I do!

In other news, I've decided to move my sewing tables, my machine and my fabrics to the new house this weekend. I moved my fabric shelves last weekend and I'm as between projects as I'll ever be so it just seems like the right time. And since the sewing room is the only reason why I'm still staying at the old house, moving it will probably help speed up the packing process.

I'm a little sad, though. I'm not a fan of change and as an extreme homebody, moving is always so traumatic for me. I just have to keep telling myself that this is a good idea and besides, there's nothing I can do about it now. Be stoic, go with the flow, accept change. Concentrate on my new studio and my quiet, secluded backyard. Breathe deeply, think'll all work out for the best.