A few good finds along the way

Ian and I are taking a break from his birthday day two activities and I thought I'd use it to post some pictures. We got up early and drove to the historic river town of Stillwater and did what little nature photographing we could. Just about the only thing we saw was a black swallowtail butterfly:

black swallowtail butterfly

And this fence:


And then when we were done there, we went to the Indian food buffet and then made a stop at a thrift store where I found these sheets:


I think the yellow one is so ugly/cute that I almost can't stand it! In a good way! And the green one would make a great summer table cloth for eating out on the deck. Of course, I don't actually have a table to put it on right now so maybe it'll end up as a quilt back or something. But that green...so yummy!

Anyway, we're off to buy Ian a bag for his new camera. He says thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!