Today's obsession

You guys! I'm never going to get anything done if I don't stop finding new obsessions. Do you know what I want to do now? Make Dresden Plates.

Because just look at these beautiful plates. I mean, how is a girl to finish a project when things this beautiful! exist in the world? I want to drop what I'm doing and make plates as lovely as these.

The good thing is that there's a plastic template that makes the cutting easy. And the second good thing is that I found a tutorial that makes assembling them super easy too. And the last good thing is that I'll probably get sick of making Dresden Plates about halfway through my first plate. But that's ok because I could make a this one.

Unfortunately, when I was at the fabric store, they didn't have the template. Ian and I will be close to a larger fabric store tonight or tomorrow so I remain hopeful that beautiful half-finished Dresden Plates will be in my near future.

That's my obsession for today. What's yours?