Thank you!

lovely letter

I found this little guy in my mailbox yesterday! And inside the package was this stack of gorgeous fabric from Jennifer:

fabric from Jennifer

She sent this to me out of the goodness of her heart and told me I actually had to cut it up. How terrible! And wonderful. Because now that I have permission, it will be easier. I'll do it for Jennifer, because she says so.

I'm always surprised by the generosity of people. I live a pretty secluded life, I keep to myself most of the time. And then something like this happens and I realize that I'm not as alone as I thought. And while I prefer, most of the time, to be on my own, these moments are truly something to treasure. Because someone somewhere was thinking of me, someone I've never even met. That's quite a gift.

So, thank you Jennifer! I'm excited to start planning projects for these fabrics. I hope you're enjoying your vacation and that you loved the new Harry Potter movie.