Shaken, not stirred

I’m feeling light today. My July giveaway gifts are all finished (there was a last minute substitution because I’m indecisive like that) and we photographed everything last night.

Ian is on his way to California right now and I’ll be joining him out there on Friday. We're visiting his parents and it should be a nice time. Until then, though, I'm free to do as I please, no obligations or deadlines besides packing some clothes.

I've been feeling creative lately, which is so nice after the lapse I had this winter after my grandpa died. There are a lot of little reasons why I feel creative but there’s one big one that I didn’t tell you about yet: I’m moving!

And moving shakes up your world (especially if you're an extreme homebody like me) and I’ve been unshaken for a long time…in a rut even!

For the past four years I’ve lived in a very lovely duplex owned by a couple of my good friends. (Hi Karrie!) There’s a long story behind this but the short story is that my parents moved up north two years ago and are trying (unsuccessfully) to sell their house in town. They’ve decided to take it off the market for a few years and asked if I’d like to live there. Of course I jumped at the chance!

To some people, the thought of moving back to their childhood home sounds like a terrible idea but to me it sounds lovely. The neighborhood is quiet, the houses have character, the yards are big and the trees are tall.

I’m going to help my parents make improvements to the house as we go along and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to buy the house in a few years. But even if I don’t, I’ll get two peaceful years out of the deal. Two years of eating outside on the back porch, two years of reading books on a blanket in the backyard, two years of trying my hand at gardening and improving my sewing sewing skills in my new studio. And last but not least: two years of living with this lovely lady:

grandma clare

What a twist to this little story! That’s my grandma, a spunky lady who says the “f” word and drinks cocktails every night at 5pm. Since Grandpa died, she’s been struggling to take care of her house and acreage in the great north woods. She’s trying to sell the property which might direct her path one way or another but until then, she’s decided to live with me.

I’d like to take this move as an opportunity to be a better person, namely in the “cleans up after herself and thinks about others” sort of way. And in the "doesn't procrastinate and doesn't half-ass things" sort of way. I’ve lived alone for a long time and it’s definitely time for a change…before I become the crazy cat lady who doesn’t even have any cats.

I’ll probably want to talk about this again after the official move happens at the beginning of August because I have lots of decoration projects swirling around in my mind. And I want to buy a man-powered push mower...because I have to cut grass! I can't believe I'm looking forward to mowing the lawn. Maybe it's too late...maybe I am a crazy cat lady already...but at least I'm one who can't wait to get out of the house...which is nice.