A quilting intervention

So, I was all excited to tell you that I found the missing Neptune fabrics. I placed the order and started writing this post.

A little while later I got a phone call from from someone from Quilters Anonymous. It was a phone call intervention! Oh no!

It took me a second to realize that the woman was from the website where I just ordered fabric and I was both relieved (I mean, really, I don't need an intervention) and saddened. Saddened because three of the prints I just ordered were out of stock and one of them was the very same fabric I couldn't find anywhere else for under $22 a yard (which I downright won't pay!)

So, Jennifer, I was all set to tell you that I didn't need you to check your local quilt store for Neptune fabric but now, well, if the offer still stands, can you look for this fabric:

caspian pacific

It's called Caspian and the color is Pacific. Let me know if you find any...I'm in the market for anything up to two yards. I really appreciate you checking for me.

*edit*Marylin and Ashley sent me to Hollyhill and I just sent them an email...I hope they have some in stock! We'll see...hopefully soon because my poor heart can't take all this disappointment.*/edit*

Also, since we're talking about fabric, my first Neptune delivery showed up in the mail yesterday. And look...aqua Neptune goes pretty well with aqua Mendocino:

neptune and mendocino fabric

I was secretly hoping it would because I want to use it in the quilt for my mom and aunt, both fabrics being sea themed and all.

neptune and mendocino fabric

I'm still not sure of a layout for the quilts. I'm thinking long strips to show off the swimming mermaids. The movement in that fabric is so great, I don't want to break it up. I also want it to feel more organic than fussy. Hmmm...


  1. Not sure how many yards they have but you could try here http://www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.com

    Marilyn calash1@ hotmail.com

  2. I was just going to post the same thing about Hollyhill... or, I also saw it here - http://www.todaysquilting.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?product=Neptune_main&productid=m23033-14&tracking4=search%20m23033-14&pid=1#m23033-14, but they only seem to have 7/8 of a yard left...

  3. Marylin and Ashley! You two are lifesavers! I just contacted hollyhill to ask if they have the fabric in stock. In addition to this one, they appear to have the other two I need. Fingers crossed!

    Thank you for coming to the rescue...I've been searching for two days! :)


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