July Giveaway Month: Week 4

It's Wednesday again and that means it's time to announce the winners from last week's giveaway. My helper today was my work-friend Lori. After she drew two names from the box, I held them behind my back and told her to pick which hand would get pink/green and which would get blue/green. The winners are:

Pink/green: Tammy

Blue/green: Jessica

Tammy, I already have your address so no need to send it again. Jessica, I just emailed you for your address. Congratulations to you both!

Now, on to this week's giveaway. There are two prizes this week and they're not the same thing! Scandalous! The first is an apron because I think aprons are fun:

tea towel apron side 1

This apron is actually a ginormous tea towel folded in half. Which means it's double sided! This side has a strip of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks fabric, my favorite in pink.

The other side has a scrappy pocket!

tea towel apron side 2

Thanks to Ian for taking these pictures for me!

I forgot to measure this but my waist is somewhere in the 32"-36" range, depending on how high or low I wear the apron. There are tiny gathers below the sash to give a little extra room for the tummy/hips (and for cuteness). The sash is very long and can be worn tied at the back or wrapped around again to tie at the front (like I did for the pictures here). I tried my best to make it a one-size-fits-all apron. Also, I can't promise this will be flattering to anyone's figure but I think it's cute and it's definitely sturdy. I want to do an apron tutorial one of these days so if you don't win it, you can make your own.

The second prize is a table runner:

table runner fronttable runner back

Again, I forgot to measure this but I think it's around 14"x47" and has been washed and dried to get the crinkly look. (I'll measure the runner and the apron tonight and update this post...I'm so unorganized today.)

Don't you just love these log cabins? I want to make a million more!

table runner

This week's drawing will be a little different. Since the two things here are very different and I don't want you to win something you don't want, you can choose to enter the drawing for the table runner, the apron or both. Just let me know in the comments and I'll put your name in the appropriate drawing or drawings. (If you forget to do this, I'll enter you in both by default.)

I have sort of an awkward question today but it's something I really want to know. Do you have something that you treasure that was made by (or used to belong to) a relative (like a grandparent or a favorite aunt or even your mom or dad)?

I ask because I went through the stuff in my parent's attic a few years ago and found so many things that used to belong to my great grandma, including a quilt that was falling apart. I also found two aprons that she made at some point in time. One of them is a smock that uses darts to make it fit her body. I tried it on and found that it fit my body exactly. Thinking about that makes me really happy. So, what ancient treasures make you happy?