July Giveaway Month: Week 2

First, let me announce the winners of last week's prize. I had Ian draw names this morning (I had him tell me which color went with the name before he pulled it out of the jar) and he was sleepy and it was pretty cute.

The blue/green set goes to: carrieb

and the orange/pink set goes to: Digital Misfit

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy them. Email me your address (crystal dot bergstrom at gmail dot com) and I'll get them in the mail asap. Carrie, I don't have your new address...you can lj message me or send an email, whichever.

And now, the week 2 prizes! Two winners will each receive a set of eight fabric napkins:

small cloth napkins

They measure 7"x7" which is the same size as a normal paper napkin. Only they're better because they're cute, they're double sided for extra absorbency and they're reusable. Just throw them in the washer and dryer (or line dry for extra eco-friendliness).

*edited to add*These are made with regular quilting cotton. I loved picking stuff out of my stash that I haven't even used in a quilt yet. Because I'm hording it all, you know, and might never get around to using it otherwise.*/edit*

small cloth napkins

Comment on this post by next Tuesday night (July 14) to enter. Also, tell me something...do you like to eat outside during the summer (or whenever it's warm enough)? Because, I love it but I know some people who really dislike eating outside. And my boyfriend will only eat certain foods outside. What's your opinion on this very important matter?


  1. oooh, ooh! Entering this one! I didn't enter the coasters one because we eat outside whenever possible and glass rings on wood or plastic? *pah*!

    We eat outside all the time, anything is okay - even when it gets cold in the late fall, we have a little "fireplace/stove" and we huddle around that and eat chili or soup in bread bowls. *yummy*

  2. I love your napkins! I shall enter! *enters* YAY!!

  3. How lovely! I'd love to enter this one. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but mostly when we eat outside, we use all paper/plastic/disposable stuff! Gorgeous napkins would definitely put me in a more eco-friedly direction. When it's not too hot, we'll take the dogs to the bark park and have lunch while they play. Typical school-type lunch that Mom used to pack...sandwhiches, chips, jello pudding cups! The dogs get iced water and treats =)

  4. I'm so excited to be a winner! So what do you make those cloth napkins out of? Just regular quilting cotton or something else? I'd love to make some. We only use cloth and are due for some that match our new decor.

    We would like to eat outside, but first we need to get a table out on our deck. That's been a low priority for us. We're thinking we'll try to pick one up on clearance at the end of the month. I love to sit out and sip a drink and enjoy the weather.

  5. Those are lovely!

    I love eating outside, if there's a table. On the ground it's too close to the bugs. With a table, though, it's just lovely. We did this for the 4th by moving our dining room set out to the back yard and using a canopy brought by my parents. It was heaven.

  6. What fun napkins! We love eating outside. When it's not too hot! Just haven't done it much this summer. We'll fix that though!

  7. Lovely collection of fabrics. I do enjoy eating outside - especially dinner on a summer night - but the mosquitoes always eat me alive so we rarely do it.

  8. first, gimme those napkins-- they're wonderful.

    second, i love eating outside in the summer, and i'll have any meal of any food out there, as long as it's a good spot (and i prefer to have a table). finger foods are best for picnic blanket eating, but picnic table eating is no holds barred, as far as i'm concerned.

  9. What a nice giveaway! Sign me up :) So, I do like to eat outside, but only if it’s not too hot, like over 80 degrees. That is my two cents.

  10. Whoa, those napkins are gorgeous. You always have the coolest fabrics. I like eating outside, as long as it's in a relatively bug-free area. What I love most about summer is being able to grill all our foods when it's too hot to turn the oven on inside. Grilled veggies just taste better.

    What are the foods that Ian allows at outside meals? Are they outdoor specific things, like corn on the cob and hot dogs, or picnic food? I couldn't see myself eating soup outside. :)

  11. I'd love to eat outside... I have images in my head of sitting around the patio table as hubby grills up dinner and the dog runs around the yard. But in reality, I live in South Texas where the temps have been around 100 for the last month. You break a sweat just walking from the house to the car!! Maybe one of these days we'll move to a cooler climate.

  12. Please oh please! How I love fabric napkins!
    Let me count the ways.... I love how they soften
    with age. I love that each one (or groups of ones)
    remind me of the place they came from...
    A wedding gift, a family member hand me down.
    I love that I can use them again and again!

  13. I too would love to enter your giveaway! ;D

    We love to eat outside. I especially love having picnics with my men in the park. They are little grazers... so they run to and from the blanket, nibbling snacks between sliding and swinging.

    Thanks for your giveaways and sharing your talents and time!

  14. Great napkins! I'm a fan of having napkins you can reuse (and that are pretty to look at!)

    We eat outside when we can - summer is short here in VT, so we try to get outside as often as possible!

  15. Lovely napkins!

    We eat outside when it's too hot to eat inside and of course when we are having BBQ.


  16. I love eating outside on a sunny summer day.
    Picnics are wonderful to have at the park as well as in the backyard. Outdoor dining even makes takeout food into something special.


  17. Those are very nice napkins, Crystal. Thanks for hosting the contest.

    It seems like everyone commenting likes eating outdoors, and I do too. Your boyfriend is an odd duck. This evidence will do nothing to change his opinion, though; I'm sure of that.

  18. I don't really mind the weather when it comes to eating outside, it more or less, depends on my mood. I have gotten bundled up in blankets before to eat soup outside in the wintertime. In the summer I just take my sandwiches out to the porch.

    I remember one time I was a kid my dad took my 2 little sisters and I to the park for a picnic. He brought paper plates, silverware, and lasagna. I thought it was funny that he would pack up the casserole dish, normally used for pot lucks at church and things like that, just for a picnic at the park. Either way I thought it was really cool, it kind of made me feel like a princess, eating a nicely prepared dinner at the park while other kids just snacked on cookies and chips. (Kind of weird in a way I suppose.)

  19. I love eating outside whenever I can. But sometimes the weather won't oblige:-)It's been raining here for DAYS!
    I especially love having breakfast outside - there's something quite leisurely about sitting, munching your cereal and drinking fruit juice outside:-)
    The only meal I don't have outside much is in the evenings as the sun has usually moved down behind the house and it gets very chilly quickly. But this summer, if the weather ever turns, I may just indulge in a proper meal on a gorgeously laid table, candles, wine.....


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