July Giveaway Month: Week 1

July is, in my opinion, the best month of the year. It's finally warm enough to swim in our beloved Minnesota lakes. It's the month when Martha Stewart makes desserts out of strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. It's the month when I forget I dislike blueberries because they look so good in Martha's recipes. It's a good month for watching fireworks and picnicking and it's also my birthday month. And, today is my birthday! 28 is going to be a fun year, I think.

So, since July is such a good month for me and since I want it to be a good month for everyone, I'm declaring July "giveaway month" here on my blog!

Each Wednesday in July (starting today!) I'll offer up something new to give away. That's five weeks of giveaways! And everything's already finished so there won't be any delay in receiving your gifts.

This week, two lucky winners will receive a set of six fabric coasters made up in my favorite fabrics. I thought it would be a nice way to start things off because July is also an excellent month for sipping lemonade outside. And for that, you'll need coasters, right?

fabric coasters

In addition to a set of coasters, both winners will receive a super huge (33" x 38") white cotton tea towel for you to use as you please. I like to use these as tablecloths for small-ish outdoor tables (where I assume you'll be drinking your drinks and using your coasters).

orange/pink fabric coasters

To enter, comment on this post and, if you feel like it, tell me about your favorite summer beverage (I'm partial to mojitos).

green/blue fabric coasters

I'll announce two winners (chosen at random) next Wednesday morning which means you'll need to comment by Tuesday night (July 7). You can even enter if you live outside the US. Then, later each Wednesday, I'll set up the next giveaway.

See? Isn't July fun?


  1. I LOVE those coasters! I am definitely in need of a set for summer, when frosty cold glasses leave puddles of condensation on my desk.

    I am a big fan of lemon iced tea (or, on a fun night, Long Island Iced Tea!). Give me a tall glass filled with ice cubes and topped with that citrusy goodness and I am happy.


    28 IS a good year. You have 2 more years until you wonder "Damn...what happened?!" lol

  2. Those are beautiful! I'd love to enter to win. I normally just drink water. I love unsweetened sun tea, but only if it is decaf.

  3. What a great idea - I also love July. The long days, warm nights, suntans and fireflies! I alos love Mojitos, but I have never tried to make them, I buy the ready-made version.

    I am crossing my fingers that I win one of the pretty coaster sets! My work desk always has a puddle on it from my iced coffee and they would look much prettier than the paper towel I normally use. :)

  4. Oh - and I forgot the say "Happy birthday" - 28 is a great year!

  5. I love to drink cloudy lemonade with some cranberry juice - the squash variety that is sweetened, though! Lovely, pink, frothy and thirst quenching on a hot day. Also gives you a real 'kick'! Major energy booster:-)

    I already have some gorgeous pink Crystal coasters:-))so I don't need to be entered but your giveaway month is a brilliant and generous idea!

    Have a lovely 28th birthday and enjoy every minute:-)

  6. Oh, I meant to ask, the last photo has some beautiful blue fabrics - the two top ones especially. Could you tell me what they are?

    thank you;-)

  7. Hey Elaine!

    Let's see, I'm not sure which ones you mean so I'll tell you about all of them!

    The blue with yellow splashes is Anna Maria Horner's Petals in Ice Blue from her Chocolate Lollipop collection. It's discontinued but I found it on etsy for $6.50.

    The the blue with white loopy flowers is Denyse Schmidt's Ribbon Flower from her Katie Jump Rope collection. It's also discontinued but it's still around.

    The light blue with green and white berries is Sandi Henderson's Blossom Buds in Breeze from her Ginger Blossom collection.

    And the blue with brown stripes...well, I don't know what that is because I got it in a fat quarter pack a while ago.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for being so generous. Your coasters are so beautiful.

    My favourite drink is home made lemonade (home grown lemon).


  9. Happy Birthday, Chicky Baby.

    My favorite summer time beverage is most definitely ice cold water (in a tall glass!). Ice cold beer (preferably a hefeweisen, probably Pyramid or Leinenkugel) comes in close second. Too bad it always gives me headaches!

  10. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day!

    Living in South Texas, where it can feel like summer all year long, I have many favorite summer-time beverages... but sweet tea, margaritas (frozen with salt), and Shiner Bock beer would have to top my list.

  11. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for the great giveaway month! Looks like it'll be a lot of fun!

    As for my favorite drink, I like limeade. But, as I found out today, it gives me heart burn (darn pregnancy!) So, I guess I settle for a good ol', ice cold, Coco Cola!

  12. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

    I absolutely love the Ribbon Flower material. I have 1/4 yard of the blue, and 1 yard of the orange (which I found for $4 a yard at my local quilt store)! I love them so much, they are still on the shelf!

    My favorite summer drink is the Starbucks Passion-fruit Iced Tea Lemonade (sweetened). I know, I probably shouldn't pick something so corporate, but it taste so good and reminds me of good times.

  13. Happy birthday! Those are lovely coasters - great fabric choices! My favorite summer drink? lemonade and iced tea, or half and half, or arnold palmer, or whatever they call it near you!

  14. Happy Birthday-Mine is July 24 and I will be 56. Love the fabrics and your blog!

  15. I love the colours that you've used for both sets of coasters. My favorite summer drink ... a Lemon Lime & Bitters. Dash of lime juice, a couple of drops of Agostura (sp?) Bitters, a slice of lemon. Top it up with lemonade. Mmmmm Yum!! Wish it was summer in Australia...

  16. Those are all really lovely.

    I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper girl year-round, but I drink more water during the summer than anything else.


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