It's a birthday miracle!

If anyone is interested, has five Neptune prints on sale for $5.87 right now. I bought at least a yard of each and now I'm passing the news on to you. And if you spend over $35, shipping is free which makes it an even better deal!

Also, another birthday miracle...all these wonderful wishes from friends, both online and in real life. Thank you everyone! I feel very special right now.

Oh, and this is my birthday card from Ian:

birthday card

Very nice!


  1. Happy birthday Crystal! I've been computerless for a few days so at least I've made it in time to wish you a lovely day. Hope you are having a great time and have received lots of beautiful gifts:-)

  2. Forgot to say - Sigh, Captain Kirk!

  3. Oh, Kirk! I had the biggest crush on him when I was a wee thing.
    I mean - look at how he holds that ... weapon-y thing, casting slutty glances at the camera. Obviously I was on to something good.


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