Greetings from California! So far it's been hot but not too hot. It's so sunny here! I mean, it's often sunny in Minnesota but every day here is, like, the sunniest day ever!

sacramento tower bridge

Today Ian and I went to Old Sacramento to buy saltwater taffy. We went to the place that lets you sample all the taffy you want so long as you eat it in the store. Fantastic!

saltwater taffy

Tonight we're going to see some Shakespeare in the park...only the Shakespeare company isn't actually doing Shakespeare tonight, they're putting on some sort of Robin Hood play instead. I think it'll be fun!

old sacramento

We've spent lots of time just hanging out around the house or grilling or going out for coffee. Tomorrow we're going to Lake Tahoe for some sightseeing. I flew over the lake on Friday and it looked beautiful from the air.

Not much else to talk about right now, just stopping in to say hi!