Goodies in the mail!

Do you know what I got in the mail last night? My Pay it Forward giveaway prize from the lovely Kit. And do you know what it was? A fantastically beautiful bag that she made just for me:

beautiful bag from Kit

Just look at that quilting! And the colors! And the many kinds of fabric!

beautiful bag from Kit

That's one thing I love about Kit...she's not afraid to use fabrics other than cotton in her quilts. She takes all sorts of lovely textures and colors and makes them work together. She also sent along these goodies:

more goodies from Kit

I love the scent of the lotion and soap. I wash my hands about a million times a day so this is the perfect treat! (In case you're wondering, I'm not a germaphobe. When I was little, my aunt taught me to cross-stitch and she told me to always wash my hands before I picked up my project. The thought of oily fingers on fabric or paper makes me cringe to this day.)

Anyway, thanks again, Kit! I love everything!