Embroidery overload

Do you know what I want to do right now? Embroider tea towels. For real this time.

Embroidered teal towel, peach

Because guess what I got for my birthday this year? My aunt found this set of tea towels at a little shop down the way. There are also grapes, cherries, apples, figs and lemons. I think I'm forgetting a couple.

t2Embroidered teal towel, pear

I've always been afraid to embroider my own towels because I've never really seen one in person. I had no idea how to keep the back of the embroidery looking neat. But check this out:

Embroidered teal towel, peach back

Such neat stitches! This woman is a total pro! I want to be a pro too!

I'm about to order some hot iron transfers so I can get to work on my own tea towels. I want to embroider them with fun things like kittens going shopping and squirrels pushing wheelbarrows full of nuts. I found a cabin set for my parents and mermaids for my aunt. The squirrels are for my brother and the kittens, well, they're for me. There's also a rabbit that's eating grapefruit and the juice is squirting into his eye...I'll make that one for Ian because he knows that pain well. Maybe I'll turn the rabbit into a kitten because he likes cats better.

Anyway, I'm really excited to try it out for myself. I used to cross stitch so I already have some embroidery floss. And I can't wait to use these skeins that Elaine sent me:

embroidery floss and bracelet

Check out that variegated floss! Fantastic!

Do you want to know what else I got for my birthday? More embroidered pillowcases from my mom.

an embroidered pillowcase

She embroidered them just for me and I love them.

an embroidered pillowcase