Disqus, a commenting tutorial

Ok, so since

-I'm new to the whole Disqus thing and since

-you might be new to it too and since

-I don't want it to annoy any of you and because

-I love your comments and want you to feel comfortable commenting on my posts,

-here are four things about Disqus that I think you should know:

1) You can still comment even if you don't have a blog. An email address is required but it is not shown.

2) When you comment, there is a box where you can fill in your blog name along with your name and email (just like blogger, etc). If you fill in the website box using your blog website, your comment will be "click-able" and people can visit your blog. I (and my boggy friends, I'm sure) love checking out new blogs so I recommend you fill that part out. Don't feel like you have to, of course. I just want you to be comfortable either way.

3) After you hit the "Post Comment" button, Disqus will send up an (in my opinion) annoying box asking you to log in or register with Disqus. Please don't let that keep you from commenting. You can simply click the "Skip this step. Post my comment as a Guest." link right below that button and your comment will show up. And the next time you want to comment, your information should be saved so you don't have to keep filling it in every time. Actually, this might not be true every time...so, sorry about that. I keep making test comments different ways and sometimes it fills in my info and sometimes it doesn't.

If you do chose to create a profile in Disqus (you can do this even if you do NOT want to use Disqus on your own blog) and you want to make your comments "click-able" so people can find your blog, follow Kit's advice:

"You go to "my account" and then to Profile (you have to go to "my account" first - if you go to Profile from the opening page it doesn't give you the option to add your site) and then you can add it."

4) Under the "Post Comment" button is a drop down box where you can pick "Subscribe to all comments" or "Do not subscribe". If you pick to subscribe to the comments in a particular post, you'll get an email that says "You've just posted a comment on "whatever the title of the post was" and have selected to receive email notifications whenever new comments are posted. Please click the following link to confirm that you would like to receive these notifications:"

When you click the link, it will take you to a page that says "Email verified! Your DISQUS subscriptions will now begin." That's it...Disqus won't put you on a mailing list or anything crazy like that. Comments for that post only will start popping up in your email.

Hopefully this helps you feel more comfortable commenting on my blog. Because if you want to join in on the rest of the July giveaways, you'll have to comment. :) But in all seriousness, I really do love and appreciate each and every comment and this is an attempt to create a better way to communicate here. Thanks for your patience and I promise to post some fun sewing pics soon.