Boring list ahead!

I feel like making a long-winded list. Hopefully you want to read it.

-I couldn't find the Dresden Plate template at the fabric store this weekend. I think I'm going to wait a week or so before I order one online with the express purpose of waiting out a potential (probable?) passing obsession. If, in a week or so, I still feel like I want to make a Dresden Plate, I'll either create my own template or order the plastic tool online.

-Allison asked last week and Ian would like me to clarify for everyone: foods Ian will not eat outside. I was mistaken because Ian says the only food he will not eat outside is delivery pizza. There is a fantastic local pizza place down the road from his house that we usually order from once a week. I drive to pick it up because I don't like paying a delivery fee for what amounts to a mile. Ian refuses to eat this delicious pizza outside. I have no idea why because when we make homemade pizza, we sometimes eat it outside. Ian also says that he'll eat anything else outside (even soup) so you can bet I'll be testing that claim this summer/fall.

-Thank you to all the entrants of my latest giveaway. I've really enjoyed reading your tales of dining al fresco. It really is one of life's little pleasures, one I plan to enjoy more often, with or without Ian.

-I placed my final Neptune order. I contacted Hollyhill but never heard back from them so I just decided to place the order and see what happened. They charged me the full amount which, I assume, means they're sending the full amount of fabric I requested. If so, my Neptune fabric search is over and I can stop obsessing. I'll have enough Neptune fabric to make many, many sea-themed quilts. But I'm going to have a hard time cutting it up so maybe I'll make NO quilts. But I could make them if I wanted to. At least I'll use some for my mom and aunt's quilts...that has to count for something.

-I got this lovely package in the mail this weekend:

my favorite thing to get in the mail!

Cute, no? It's more Neptune (and some sale fabric) from sewlovefabrics. July giveaway winners should note, your packages will not be as cute as this...sorry.

-There were some questions about my new threaded comments. First, apparently there is no way for blogger to thread comments. You need to go through an outside source.

I'm using Disqus (pronounced discuss). You have to sign up on the website, follow about four simple directions and voila! Threaded comments. It's free, I haven't gotten any emails from them bugging me and your blog will look exactly the same as it always did (the exception being the comments, of course).

If you want to sign up for this, I suggest you save a copy of your blog code before doing anything, just in case you want to get rid of disqus someday. Disqus adds code to your code and since I'm not very computer savvy I have no idea how else to get rid of it if I want. Maybe it's easy, I haven't even looked at the new code.

Again, let me know if anything about the new comment format (or disqus itself) bothers you.

-I think that's everything I wanted to tell you. I'll have some sewing stuff to show you later this week and maybe I'll finally get photos of my Summer of '09 quilt.