Wedding photos, sort of

I really wish I'd taken more pictures at the wedding. As it was, I left my camera in the "getting ready" room the whole night.

wedding gown

I didn't even take pictures of the room itself...the library of The University Club, supposed hangout of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

bridesmaid jewelry

Instead, I took boring photos of our jewelry and my flowers.

bridesmaid bouquet

It was odd milling about in a private club, watching the rich, white children swim in the pool, watching the rich, white wives sunbathe by the side of the pool, watching the rich, white teens wear short shorts and swimsuits in the banquet hall where we were not allowed.

I felt like I didn't belong and I was thankful for that. I'm happy I neither have the desire nor the funds to lead that sort of life. The building was beautiful, Laura's decorations looked wonderful in the reception hall but that's about all I appreciated about the place.

Back to the table runners looked awesome. Just thought you should know.


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