Wedding gifts, part 2

I hope you guys don't mind when I show off stuff like this. It just takes me forever to make anything and I hardly ever finish a project so when I do, I want to show it off. So, if you don't mind (and I guess, even if you do), here we go.

Laura and Brad's kitchen/dining room is orange and blue, sort of turquoise, sort of aqua...I don't really know. But I found this peacock fabric from Keri Beyer and though it would be perfect. It turned out to be a bit more muted than it looked on the screen but that's ok.

I made 6 napkins backed with white this time.

cloth napkins

And two potholders:

quilted potholders

See the wavy quilting? I'd never tried it before but it was fun!

quilted potholders

And then a table runner, backed with orange:

quilted table runner

I wish I'd been able to feature the peacocks more but there weren't many on the piece of fabric I had. So, there's at least a pair on the napkin but I didn't get a picture. I haven't heard if they liked the set or not but it was made with love and I know Laura appreciates that sort of thing. (I bet Brad does too...I've just never asked him so I don't know for sure. Maybe he hates cloth napkins. Stranger things have happened.)


  1. They're beautiful Crystal - they can't fail to love them!

  2. Love them! The colors are great.What a nice wedding gift. Your friends are lucky to have such a crafty gal as a friend.

  3. These are great! And I love when you show your projects, because they're always amazing - so please keep posting them!


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