I'm working on it. I always thought I was a patient person but I'm beginning to suspect I'm not. In fact, I think my boyfriend would tell you that I'm definitely not.

I'm patient in certain situations so why not every situation? Why don't I just calm the heck down?

quilted fabric coasters

I'm a fairly stoic sort of person normally and whatever happens, happens. For instance, whenever my Mendocino fabric gets here, it gets here. Sitting here, being impatient isn't going to help it get here any faster. So, I see that my life would be better with a little patience. There's no need to get worked up all the time.

Last night I was working on a project and after a few hours, I decided it just wasn't quite right. And I know what I have to do to fix it and it's going to require me to rip out a million stitches. But I know it's the right thing to do so I'm going to do it. Patiently, ripping out stitches for the greater good. No stress, just doing the right thing, being patient.

quilted fabric coasters

And I have to be patient until July 1 when I can finally blog a tiny announcement. Just something fun, certainly not something important or anything. But still, I'm excited and it's hard to wait.

quilted fabric coasters

And as you can see, I patiently waited to post about the gifts I made for Laura and Brad's wedding until after the wedding. It was hard because I knew the chances of Laura reading my blog the week before her wedding were slim to none. More fabric coasters, of course...I'll post the rest of the pictures in a bit.