Creating Marie.

I thought it’d be nice to share some of my sources for party supplies and decorations.

First, I ordered fabric fans from Luna Bazaar. They have lots of cool stuff so check it out. The fans I ordered turned out to be a little chintzy but they worked just fine. The sticks are wood and ornately carved.

fabric fans

Next came the ostrich feathers. Anyone who saw the movie knows how important they were to the theme. I found a good deal at Continental Feathers (who shipped them fast, by the way). I ordered a dozen each of 14”-16” ostrich drabs in white and pink (the regular pink, not the hot pink). I also ordered a dozen in blue dunn in case they actually turned out to be blue but, alas, they were gray. They’re a lovely shade, though, so I’m sure I’ll use them for something else.

I curled the ends of the feathers by drawing them between my thumb and the blade of a scissors, much like curling ribbon.

french macarons

My vision for the party included eating dinner under a frothy tent so of course, I needed tulle. Purchasing tulle is aggravating because it’s used, a lot of the time, for weddings. And we all know that once you use the “W” word, you get charged twice as much. Fortunately, I found the ebay seller p-linens who had amazing prices. I bought a 50 yd bolt (108” wide) for $39.99 plus shipping. It was the best deal I could find anywhere.

tulle and fabric flower garlands

And since I thought the tulle needed something more and since I found this amazing tutorial, I made garlands out of satin ribbon and fabric “flowers”. They were really easy to make and now I want to put fabric flowers on everything. Also, check out the rest of Katiedid’s blog…she makes clothes for her young daughters and they’re so cool that I want to adapt some of the ideas for myself.

Tomorrow I’ll share some of the (really easy!) recipes I used to make the hors d’oeuvres.


  1. The amount of work you have had to do is quite staggering! So you planned all the decorations, made the lovely shoe invitations, made all the flower decorations and then all the hors d'oeuvres?! When did you sleep?!!!

  2. I also made dinner, planned activities for the ladies and created seperate day and night music playlists to enhance the mood. :) I'm a party planning machine! Of course, I forgot to do laundry for over a week so, you know...

  3. Good lord! (At what you did in your posts and what you told Elaine!)Your friend is a very lucky girl!



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