A color study

As you can see by the photos below, I'm working on a new quilt. An idea popped into my head yesterday and now I'm trying to finish it up by the end of the month. But, more on that later.

For now, I want to show you my favorite part of the quilting process...picking fabrics and colors and how (this is not my favorite part) they can go horribly wrong.

First, I picked out red and blue fabrics and started sewing them up.

summer of '09 quilt

Hmmm...there's something I don't like but I'm not sure what. I know I haven't added all my fabrics to the mix yet but there's something wrong here. I added some tan for a bit of contrast:

summer of '09 quilt

Hmmm...better but not quite right. I looked at my pile of unused fabrics and then back at the design wall. What is it? It's even more pronounced in these pictures than in real life. Can you see it?

summer of '09 quilt

There, that's much better! That one blue fabric was ruining everything!

In the pile of fabrics I chose for this project, there were other blues that matched this one. And had I added them to the quilt, it would have been more balanced than just having one blue that didn't belong. So, the whole thing would probably have looked just fine.

But now that I'm keeping only navy/aqua, I think it looks great!

The lesson here is this: if something doesn't feel right, work with it until you get it right. It'll happen.

summer of '09 quilt


  1. I love your design wall. I would love to have one:-) but it's lose a table and all that working space on the flat against the upright wall space. The table is winning for now.....

    It's really interesting to see your design process as you work. This quilt is going to look really lovely!

  2. Thanks Elaine! Yes, it's nice to have a design wall but I wish I had a bigger one. Most of the ceilings in my house come down at a slant which means the vertical walls are only 5' high. It's impossible to hang shelves or use tall bookshelves or have a nice-sized design wall. Dang it! But, the one I have is better than nothing.

    Maybe you could put a design wall above your table? A half a wall is better than nothing too. :) I find it helps motivate me when I can see my progress...I like adding blocks to the wall and seeing it come together bit by bit.

  3. I was thinking of getting into painted whole quilts and if I do, then I think I may need a wall to be able to step back and get perspective!

    Space is at a premium in my room and if I move the table I've nowhere for all my craft materials to go! Quandry!!

    Well, I think I'll wait until I actually start making large sized pieces before I start re-arranging my furniture! It may be I only need half a wall and there is one sitting right in front of me!! Thanks for the suggestion! At the moment it's just a pin board with inspiring images that are a bit out of date!! It could do with a change and a new purpose!

  4. i'm sure you wrote about the design wall somewhere, so i shall go back and read. it looks fabulous! i must know what it is that makes the fabric stick to it.
    thanks for instilling in me the belief that changing it around WILL make it better, and not abandoning the idea because it's a lemon.
    i shall now read all that i missed in your blog, and am looking forward to the marie antoinette party photos, and how that all came about. :)


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