Oh my gosh, my blog is so boring these days. I'm working on stuff for the wedding and stuff for something you'll find out about soon but none of that leads to interesting blog posts right now.

I do have one thing to tell you, though.

Last night I stepped on my glue gun...while it was plugged in...and it went between my toes and burned my bare skin. Ouch! I'm such an idiot! It felt better after I drank some wine and read my book in bed and pressed an ice cube on my blister. Poor me...my life is so hard.

Yes, that's really all I have to say right now.


  1. oh man your poor foot..
    I feel like my blog is so borring to I made quitl for my MIL and couldn't post about because she would have seen it lol
    I think I am going to make a coin quilt for my Best friend out of just pink and black fabric and white for the sashing, but I am not sure yet. I hate cutting into fabric UHHH I need to get over that huh?

  2. Dang, I thought I commented on your quilt entry. But, it looks like I didn't. I really, really like it! I love the colors a lot and that Oh Fransson pattern is just perfect for showing off your fabrics. I love the extra little blocks in the sashing...they add such personality.

    There are things about quilting that I hate to do and getting over it isn't really an option in my world. I'm never going to like doing certain things but if I want a quilt, I have to work through it. At least your hatred of cutting means you don't have half finished quilts everywhere. My favorite part is the cutting so that gets me into trouble. :) I wish I could cut your fabric for you.

    I think the pink/black/white coin quilt sounds wonderful!

  3. Oh My! My boyfriend, Erik, is always telling me that if I'm going to do work in the floor then I need to pick up everything whenever I get up for an extended period of time (longer than just going to the bathroom or whatever). I'm sure its not a big deal since I know I left it there, but now I'm going to pay even better attention because I usually leave my rotary blade in the floor. I can imagine how painful your foot must be with the burn, I don't want to imagine what it would be like with no toe at all.

  4. Ouch! :( I burned my thumb really badly with a glue gun once. Tried to glue myself to a wreath I was making.

  5. Oh my! As much as your post made me wince, all i could do was giggle at the thought of you sitting there reading your book with an icecube nestled between your toes. hehe
    Hope you heal up, and BTW, I don't think your blog is boring at all. I'm a pretty new follower and I really like it. :)


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