Yet another squirrel post!

There are more squirrel photos on my flickr page but I just had to post this one:

ian and baby squirrel

Aren't they both cute?

I wonder how long it'll take the squirrel to become afraid of humans. Hopefully soon because the little neighbour kids had their hands all over him all day. They were being nice but there were no adults supervising and I'd hate for something bad to happen to him, accident or no accident.

He was perfectly content to walk from person to person, to be picked up. He didn't bite or scratch or really notice that we were anything other than fancy trees. He was so soft and weighed almost nothing. His feet were too big for his body. He really was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.


  1. This kind of extreme rodent cuteness makes me really want a chinchilla or a sugar glider.

  2. My vote is for a hedgehog. I almost got a hedgehog instead of a turtle, but I can leave my turtle for a few days without worrying and I can't do that for a mammal.

    Crystal, you should post squirrel updates every day. They're pretty much the best thing that can happen during finals week.

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