Embroidered for me!

When I got home last night I found a pile of packages at my door, supplies for the bachelorette party. Then I realized I should only have two packages. But there were three. Hmmm.

I opened the mystery package and found this:

lavender sachets from J

The loveliest sachets embroidered by my friend J! They're filled with lavender from her own garden! And the card...with a sprig of lavender on the front.

lavender sachets from J

And secured with a gorgeous ribbon was a huge, intensely dark bar of chocolate...Ghirardelli Twilight Delight, because, you know, she just couldn't help herself! Oh Edward!

Ian was with me and we were trying to get back out the door as quickly as possible but after staring at everything for a full minute, I yelled "I have to take pictures!" I made him hold the lamp for me. And then I complained that he was doing it wrong. Because I'm like that.

And then we had to leave but I couldn't stop talking about the sachets. Ian and I would be in the middle of a conversation and I'd blurt out "but she embroidered them for me. Embroidered!" I just could not get over the fact that someone out there was thinking of me, creating something for me with her own two hands. Something so sweet. I feel so very special right now. Thank you J!


  1. You make ME feel special :) awww! You're so welcome!

  2. They're gorgeous! What a lovely gift:-)

  3. Whoa, those are beautiful. Nicely done, J.


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