Too many topics!

I have so much to talk about this week! So much that I feel close to bursting! So much that I'm finding it a little hard to focus.

First things first, though. The lovely Elaine felt my social anxiety pain the other day and offered to send me her extra yarn ball winder! Can you believe it? She’s single-handedly saving me from having a panic attack in the yarn store next time. Like she said, I can be all “Ball my yarn? No thank you, I have a winder at home.” How sweet is that?

She says it’s in the mail and you’d better believe I’m going to have lots of yarn ball pictures posted here that day. I’m going to wind everything into balls!

And, in related news, apparently yarn stores are scary for lots of people. Who knew? Also, it appears that lots of people actually have a reason to be scared because they got yelled at or snubbed when they went inside to look around. What the heck yarn store employees? Shame on you!

It was also interesting to find out that many of my online crafting friends also suffer from social anxiety. I’m shocked because a lot of my real life acquaintances are fairly outgoing and love attention…I never seem to meet introverts. I suppose that only makes sense since most people suffering from social anxiety are either not at these gatherings or are sitting in some corner far away from my corner and we never meet.

While I don’t wish social anxiety on anyone, I’m happy to know that people in this online crafting world understand me and that I understand them. It makes it easier to stop second-guessing myself so I can just interact with people. People who understand why I might be awkward and weird at times. People who don’t need me to explain my freak-outs.

Anyway, this will hopefully be my last non-picture update for a while. Tomorrow I’m going to post about my favorite artist (who is, coincidentally, my brother) and show you all the awesome things he makes. Later in the week I’ll post about my studio and vintage sheets and my ripple blanket and everything wonderful! Stay tuned!


  1. stuff made from human hair! woman, am i curious to see that!
    i hear you, with the social anxiety. being alone is just so relaxed, and people are often not. one of my sweetheart's favorite quotes is: "hell is other people", some famous writer said. a. e. poe? i don't know.
    i didn't even know that there are yarn winders. i could have figured, but i also CAN DO THAT MySELF, courtesy of mom, use your knees if Dad isn't there to hold the yarn. no one ever asked me to ball the yarn for me! i look forward to seeing your yarn balls ;)
    i'm reading your back entries here, and oh, what a pretty living room! holy canole. i can barely believe that the before/after is the same room. you're themistress of interior decorating. anyone challenge me on that?

  2. Why does yarn need to be wound? I'm so so new to knitting, and the stuff I've always bought has been in a nice little ball that unravels easily. Do you need to rewind that stuff? Kind of a dumb question, sorry.

    And man, social anxiety. I totally have it, although it's gotten much better in the last few years. Most of the time, I feel really awkward, like Mary Katherine Gallagher, and want to stick my fingers in my armpits. But nothing like the panic attacks I used to get before I got help for depression.

  3. Thanks Christine! I can usually only manage to have one room clean at a time. :)

    Allison...the yarn I bought comes in a skein like this:

    And it has to be wound or it'll get all tangled. That's what I get for buying fancy yarn! I'm so new to fancy things!

  4. Human hair? Like the Victorians did - mourning pins & the like?

    Having a ball winder is knitterly street cred. (Somehow, I don't think crocheters care about that sort of thing.) I have a nostepinne, but usually end up winding my yarn around my fingers ...

    Some yarn store employees are cold and mean! Perhaps they have social anxiety, too? But how anyone can be mean around yarn is beyond *me*. If I were having a bad day I could just rub my face on the fuzzy skeins and feel better (and be fired probably).

  5. Yeah, I don't get it...I'd never be in a bad mood if I worked at a yarn or fabric store. Maybe they just want to keep all the yarn to themselves and it makes them crabby when people come in to buy it all up? That's my only theory so far.

  6. Yes! They probably treat it as their personal stash and don't appreciate it disappearing:-)Just don't understand! Maybe they have yarn anxiety:-)


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