Par Avion

Oh my goodness! I'm just, well, kind of speechless.

I received a package from Elaine last night containing the magical and fantastic yarn ball winder she so generously offered to give me. Just look at these perfect yarn balls:

wool yarn for ripple blanket

The little contraption winds the yarn around a cone-thingy so the center is hollow which allows you to pull from the center instead of the outside of the ball. Now my yarn won't be rolling all over the house!

But! That's not all! In addition to the winder, she sent me a beautiful butterfly barrette:

butterfly barrette

a tiny notebook and buttons:

tiny notebook and buttons

embroidery floss and a bracelet:

embroidery floss and bracelet

and the most beautiful bag (which I assume she knit herself) and a gorgeous skein of hand painted yarn (which I know she painted).

knitted bag and hand painted yarn

Of course I promptly wound the yarn into a ball:

handpainted yarn from elaine

Can you believe the generosity? I don't know what I did to deserve it, Elaine, but thank you so much! I absolutely love everything! I can't wait to put everything to good use!


  1. My goodness! You are a lucky girl! (And I know what you did to deserve it - you're just you!) :)

  2. Of course you deserve it! I'm glad you like everything - it's always good to get presents in the post:-) Don't you think winding wool can be a tad addictive?! Suddenly everything 'needs' to be wound!

  3. Elaine...Seriously, I wound everything I could get my hands on, even some yarn that was already in balls! It really IS addicting!

    Thank you, thank you! for everything. I am in awe of the bag and the yarn and everything else is so wonderful too! I'm making something for you now but I had to wait until I got more supplies in the mail...maybe I can get things finished by next week? We'll see. :)


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