New artist Thursday!

Let me introduce you to my brother David and his fiancé Rachel:

me and rachel

The first thing I think you should know about David and Rachel is that they're real live fire performers! I wish I had a video to show you because they’re absolutely amazing. David designs and then makes all their fire props including but not limited to: fire poi, fire juggling balls, fire wands and fire staffs of all shapes and sizes. I’ve heard stories about a fire tornado machine but I don't think it's ready yet.

He also designs and makes his own costumes. You should see the pants he made to fit over his stilts!

When he’s not lighting his body and other things on fire, he spends a lot of time working with glass (melting it) and metal (bending it). He's something of a chainmail expert specializing in jewelry, clothing and fire poi ropes.

chainmail bracelet

His most recent endeavor is wire wrapped pendants. He scours stores to find quality stones, minerals and fossils which he turns into works of art:

orthoserus fossil pendant

I’m constantly amazed at the things he can do with wire, a pair of pliers and his two hands. In case it's not already obvious...I'm just so incredibly proud of my little brother.

wire wrapped brazilian agate pendant

If you're interested in seeing more of his work, click through to his flickr page. I demanded requested the honour of photographing his work so most of the pictures there were taken by me. Photographing jewelry is hard...I'm doing more research and I'll post any tips I find.


  1. Those are beautiful pieces.That last one is magnificent. You did a great job with the pics.

  2. Here's a DIY light box link that I had saved because it's cool (not because I ever thought I would need it lol). But you can make one (it looks pretty easy) and take AWESOME pictures of your brother's jewellery with it!

  3. I KNEW I had a better one - here it is:

    Also -your brother's jewllery is beautiful!

  4. Thanks for the links Kit! I've been meaning to make one for a while but you know how it is. These make it look pretty easy and I just happen to have foam board at home...hmmm...

    Regina, I'll pass on your compliments! And is fun but it takes more work than I ever realized. :)


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