My hand! It hurts me!

Do you remember the Friends episode where Phoebe buys Monica and Chandler a Ms. Pacman arcade game? Remember how Chandler played it all day and hours later his hand was like a claw? Well, that’s how my hand is right now but it’s not from playing video games.

It’s from crocheting the world’s ugliest blanket:

crochet blanket

Actually, it’s from crocheting only one third of the world’s ugliest blanket. Why am I crocheting the world’s ugliest blanket, you ask? Because I have a case of “use it or lose it” fever and the only prescription, besides more cowbell, is this blanket.

I bought this yarn a long time ago and I know I’ll never use it for another project so I’ve decided to follow our long family tradition of crocheting ugly afghans. In our family, ugly afghans end up in the car for winter emergencies so I think that is where this one will go.

crochet blanket

Right now it measures 56”x21” and I’m going to take a break until after my studio is clean. That should be enough time for my claws to relax back into normal hands. I’m still itching to use up all this yarn, though, so hopefully I’ll find the time to work on it a little every day after that. Plus, I really love to crochet so it’s hard to stay away.


  1. Okay 1) awesome cowbell reference. And 2) ugly blankets are a staple in our house. You can never have enough of them.

    And, I don't think it's that ugly. It's kind of cool looking.

  2. Haha...thanks! After about four hours of crocheting, I realized that I should have done some sort of color progression instead of random. Like, if I started with light green then the next stripe would be medium green and then dark green...and then it would look sort of like this only not nearly as awesome:

    But there was no way I was going to start over!


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