Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop in to say hi from the Twilight DVD release party here at Karrie's house. We've just finished watching the DVD extras and now we're taking a break to make cookies and pizza rolls before we start in on the movie.

Check out all our sweet Twilight stuff:

twilight dvd party

We're definitely kicking back in style tonight and Karrie is pulling out all the stops including buying us these wicked awesome t-shirts. Go Team Edward!

More updates and embarrassing pictures tomorrow!


  1. lol! I still haven't seen the movie, but I suppose I really must rent it and read a book or two in order to keep up. :)

    Looking forward to more pictures...

  2. If you do decide to watch/read Twilight, I suggest you read the book first. I think the movie isn't as awesome as the book and I don't think I would have liked the whole Twilight world as much if I'd watched it first.

    On the other hand, maybe you're more of a movie person and you might enjoy it no matter what. I think the movie is kind of silly but I love the book so much that it doesn't matter how silly the movie is.

    And if you read/watch it and you hate it, well, sorry in advance. :)

  3. i, personally, am with the wolf pack.


  4. Hi Jennifer. Don't worry, all teams are welcome here! :)


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