Serious crushing.

I saw Twilight in the theater twice this weekend because I’m in love with a vampire and love makes you do crazy things. For a long time I’ve been hiding my true obsession. I didn’t want anyone to know because I didn’t want any competition. You see, while I can’t deny the perfect perfection of Edward:


I’m actually in love with Jasper.


I didn’t get to know him very well in the books but when I saw him on the big screen, it was love at first sight. I wasn’t prepared for it but it happened just the same.

Edward will always hold a special place in my heart but about one thing I’m absolutely certain: I’m unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Jasper.

Moving on…I bet you want to know what I did this weekend besides crush on imaginary characters. I spent most of the weekend crushing on my other love: hexagons.

hexagons in the making

I want to make a quilt using all my favorite scraps so that one day, when I’m old, I can look back on these beautiful fabrics and remember all the fun I had with them. I’ll remember the quilts I made and the friends and family who received them. It’ll be almost completely hand sewn (as is the nature of hexagons) and quite an accomplishment.

pop garden hexagons

In my head, I call it my Pop Garden quilt because I’m not very creative when it comes to naming quilts and because I’m using some Pop Garden fabrics and because I hate calling it a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt because, you know, I’m young and sassy and it just bugs me for some reason.

This is quite a long term project so we’ll see if I’ll ever finish it. I’d really like to and, if all the fates align, I'll have years to work on it. And now, back to my regularly scheduled pining for Jasper…


  1. Diamonds and hexagons the same week!? You ARE brave!

    I've not read or seen Twilight - and I find Robert Pattision annoying smug looking (although I did enjoy him in Harry Potter), so I know naught of what you speak. :)

    P.S - My blog is up and running now.

  2. Aww your so right I loved Edward even before I saw the movie but when I saw Jasper up there on the big screen, in all his angst my heart melted and skipped a beat for him. lol

  3. Kit,

    I love the new blog! I just saw the quilt along today and think it looks like fun. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have too many quilts started already but I'll enjoy watching everyone else work on theirs. I can't wait to see what fabrics and colors you choose!

    Also, hexagons are easy and are dumb. So at least I'm only half crazy, right?


    Another Jasper girl! I know that Edward is so dazzling that everyone loves him right away but how are there people who can look at Jasper with all his angst and his terrible past and not fall in love with him? heart melts! Plus, he's a major hottie, right? I mean, the baseball scene along gets my heart pumping. Oh man, I need to calm down.

    Have you read Midnight Sun? It's the first half of Twilight told from Edward's point of view. I love it even more than Twilight because I love hearing Edward's thoughts. More Edward please!

  4. Check out this book beautiful quilts with Hexagons that take on a whole new shape.

  5. OH man that baseball scene wow smokin Hawt. Yeha i read midnight sun twice. My husband thinks I am insane for reading books more then once. lol Its just so hard to let go. I wish they could have put his thoughts into the movie. I wish she would have finished that book. It changed my whole perspective of all the books after I read his side, I love the way he loves Bella(does that make sense?)
    I absolutely love your hexagon quilt. The colors are so beautiful. I need to figure out how and where to start a quilt. I get so many ideas but don't know how to go about starting. I have a few stack of scraps and was going to start there but all the colors are so different I don't know how to tie them all together. I am scared to go buy a lot of super nice expensive fabric and then not be able to put it together right or have it all turn out horrible and have all that money wasted. I think I will use my scraps for quilted coasters or pot holders and get my machine quilting practice on those, so I don't ruin and perfectly nice quilt top. lol

  6. "It changed my whole perspective of all the books after I read his side, I love the way he loves Bella"

    I 100% agree. Reading his thoughts really helped me understand Edward's character. It helped me guess what he was thinking throughout the other books too. I got a better feel for their relationship, how hard it was for Edward to be around Bella, how much he actually loves her, how hard it is not to hear her thoughts. It was all so amazing!

    I also feel the same way when books end. I don't want to say goodbye to my friends. I often have to fight the urge to start the book again minutes after I've finished it.

    As for starting a quilt...there just so happens to be a quilt-along going on here:

    It's for beginners and should be very informative, even if you don't participate.

    My advice is to pick a simple pattern but one you really love. Pick fabrics that you love (just because you don't want to use expensive fabric right now, doesn't mean you have to settle for fabric you don't love) and just get started. It'll end up a warm blanket in the end, mistakes and all. It will still be something you can use and, best of all, you'll learn so much right away and next time you'll be better.

  7. Thank you so much I will look at that link, my problem is I love so many different patterns, lol

  8. I *still* cannot read Midnight Sun, but is there more about Jasper in that? (I hope so - I've found a new appreciation after that picture you posted!)

  9. (I finally got a comment to post. Hallelujah!)

  10. Since Midnight Sun follows Edward, you get to see what life is like at the Cullen house. You get to see how the family interacts and because Edward can hear their thoughts, you get to know the Cullens in a whole new way. There's more about Jasper but nothing too new or surprising. But now that I'm in love with him, I'm paying more attention than I had before and knowing what he's thinking is suddenly interesting.

    There aren't many pictures of Jasper but I especially love that one. *swoon*


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