You guys will be so proud of me. I had a three day weekend and I worked very hard on a couple of projects. I was focused and dedicated and didn't even take a nap when I was supposed to be working.

It was awesome! But, then I forgot to take the pictures off my camera so I have nothing to show you. Sadness!

But, that just means I'll have more to show you tomorrow. I can't even give you a hint because then I won't feel like working on on these particular projects tonight. I don't know why this happens...but it always does!

Also, this weekend is a four day weekend for me and if I can finish these two projects by then, I have plans to rearrange my studio. I realize I've been talking about my studio since I started this blog and yet you've never seen it. That's because it's always so messy! But, I'm getting pretty sick of stepping over stuff and having to clear off my cutting table all the time so I think this weekend is the weekend for cleaning. I'll post some "before" pictures later this week to make the "after" pictures even more awesome. Stay tuned...


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