The Possibility of Mornings

I didn’t know I was a morning person for a really long time. Close to 26 years, actually. About a year ago my boyfriend showed me a Sarah Silverman interview (or skit or something) in which she claimed that every morning she sits up in bed with a huge smile on her face and says “It’s morning time!” And it hit me then…I love mornings! I love it when it’s morning time!

The “mid-winter, 6am, still dark, have to go to work” mornings are definitely no fun to start but, after a shower and before I have to leave, I can usually get some sewing or cleaning done. I just want to do things, I have the energy to do things.

On weekends, I’m usually up by 7am and working in the studio by 7:15. Coffee, pajamas, bad hair, the works. The sunrise is getting earlier and studio is always filled with soft light through the south-facing windows. The downstairs neighbors are still sleeping, there are no noisy cars outside…sometimes the birds are up even though it’s cold.

sunny Saturday morning

I love mornings because they’re filled with possibility, with potential. In the mornings when it’s too early to make calls or run errands, I can take the time to do whatever it is I want to do. No obligations, no worries…just me and my coffee and my pajamas and my sunshine and my studio.

scrappy log cabin blocks

In the mornings, I can accomplish in an hour what will take three hours in the evening. Having a day job means lots of slow, tired evenings but that one Saturday or Sunday morning a week makes up for it.

scrappy log cabin blocks

This weekend I had Saturday morning all to myself. I straightened up the studio, I dug through my scrap bin and I sewed some scrappy log cabin blocks. For no reason other than that the sun was streaming through the windows and these equally sunny scraps were calling to me.

scrappy log cabin blocks

I’ve completed six log cabins and have a seventh nearly completed. Well, actually, they’re all waiting for me to buy some white fabric so I can square them up properly. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them. Perhaps I’ll take four and turn them into a pillow. Maybe I’ll save up 12 and turn them into a wall-hanging for my studio. Maybe I’ll save up 20 and turn them into a baby quilt. Maybe I’ll add another row to each and turn them into potholders. Who knows? If I want to make more blocks then I need to make more scraps which means more quilting which means it’ll be a while before I get to making whatever it is I’m going to make.

scrappy log cabin blocks

It’s not like me to sew without a plan but sometimes the possibility of mornings rubs off in the most delightful ways. So, what’s your favorite time of day? When do you feel the most productive? Do you take advantage of it or do you let it pass by?


  1. I am in love with the colors and fabric choices you've made for your log cabin pieces. Also, I'm in love with Sarah Silverman. She's the funniest girl alive.

    Normally, I would say that I'm not a morning person, as I find it extremely difficult to wake up. It's just so hard for me. Night time is when my brain starts cranking out good ideas, and I feel really productive. Also, once Julian goes to bed is really when I get to focus on what I want to do. But you're so right about mornings. Everything is so bright and clean and quiet. I love mornings for that.

  2. Thanks! I was trying to be as random as possible...if the scrap was the right size, I used it. But there were some colors (oranges and yellows) that I just couldn't bring myself to use. I love bright spring colors in the helps when everything else is so brown.

    I've only seen a couple episodes of the Sarah Silverman Show and I thought it was ok. I like her stand-up better although I really haven't seen much (no cable at my house). I just love the things that come out of her mouth. So funny!


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