Bushfire Quilts

I'm not one for joining things like sewing groups or swaps which is good because I'm also not very reliable when it comes to making something and then sending it out on time. Actually, I only assume this is true since I'm not good at meeting my own deadlines. I might be willing to try a swap someday but it would probably have to be something very small at first.

Anyway, that said, I'm actually going to try to try to make something that will be sent to someone else, and for a good cause which should help motivate me. I'd like to make some quilt blocks for the Bushfire Quilt Project.

Tia Curtis and many other kindhearted people are taking these blocks and turning them into quilts for the people of Victoria, Australia who have been affected by the terrible brush fires.

Bushfire Quilt Project

I thought about joining in the efforts for a few days but then forgot about it as I often do when things don’t directly affect me. (I'm not always a jerk...just sometimes.)

But, anyway, the lovely Jenn of Quiddity Quilts reminded me that this would be a great way to use up my triangles AND help people.

Do you remember the part in Gone with the Wind where Rhett Butler runs off to join the war effort after the war is mostly lost? That's how I feel most of the time when it comes to joining things. I try to avoid it as long as possible and then succumb to the pressure eventually, especially with books (Harry Potter and Twilight for example).

But I want to help and I like to quilt and I have all those triangles and it's not too late (deadline is the end of March) so I'm going to make a couple of blocks this weekend and send them out on Monday afternoon. The post office is the hardest part of the plan, the step at which most of my projects fail. I have to go there to mail something else, though, so chances are good I'll actually succeed this time.

How do you guys feel about joining in on things like this? Have you ever done it before? Are you one of the many people who've joined the Bushfire Project?


  1. Really cool idea. I've never done something like this project, but mostly it's because I have no real talent to offer. But I love the thought of it.


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