Absent friends.

Last night was snowy and cold. This morning is colder still with a temperature of -17° and a wind-chill of -30°. That’s enough to freeze even this Minnesota girl’s blood.

In anticipation of my busy week, I spent last night relaxing at home. I lit candles, I sipped wine, I made cheesy biscuits, I watched old episodes of Roswell (do any of you remember that show?) and I did some hand sewing. What a lovely evening.

a quiet night at home

Tonight I’m going wedding dress shopping with Laura. I’m excited even though wedding dress shopping makes me a little nervous. All that white, all those butt bows, all the expectations and formality and tradition…it’s a bit much for a non-traditional girl like myself. But, on the other hand, I’m obsessed with dresses and any excuse to get fancied up is ok in my book so I’m sure it’ll be more fun than anxiety inducing.

Tomorrow I have dance class and Thursday Ian and I are going to dinner and a movie. If Twilight is still playing in the theaters this weekend and if Karrie has the time, I might ask her to go see it with me. I’m prepared to dislike it but I remain hopeful that it’ll soften this pain I have in my chest…the pain of having to say goodbye.

It seems cruel to have to say goodbye to someone who has become such a huge part of my life, fictional or not. I see these fictional friends every day…they’re with me on my lunch break at work, they’re waiting for me at home to catch up over dinner and they spend every night with me in bed before I sleep. I’ve only known my Twilight friends for less than a month but I already miss them. Can you imagine how I felt after spending an entire year reading all five Three Musketeer books? I felt that loss dearly.

So, here’s to absent friends: real, imagined or otherwise. I miss you all.

wayward friends


  1. oyyy. i think i can feel the missing. i'm sorry. watching the movie might be an appropriate finish there.
    what were you sewing on? looks pretty. and terribly cozy, those photos. i bet one needs that with -17 outside. shiver.

  2. Yes, there has been much missing, of real and imaginary friends. I think missing the imaginary brought on missing the real, though. Danged books! Why do they make me feel things? :)

    That's a little sneak peak of a project I'm working on...I'll show you the whole thing when it's finished. I just couldn't wait until then to post a picture, though.

    And yes, I try to keep my place as cozy as possible...it's awfully chilly here! I wasn't sewing with the lights down that low but it's how I felt inside so I decided to capture it with a picture that represented my inner cozy. :)


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