Serenity Now.

This weekend was very productive. I nearly finished a belated holiday gift and I cleaned the studio. Actually, my boyfriend was over to help me clean the studio and he did most of the work. I stood around and threw periodic hissy fits about how I didn’t want to be cleaning. I’m actually a terrible person.

I’ll post before and after pictures later this week once I do some finishing touches. Until then, I’ll show you my fabric shelf. This is the fabric I have yet to sort and fold:

fabric before

And this is the stuff I have (obviously) folded:

folded blue

I can’t express how happy I feel when I look at these neat stacks. I feel so much more creative when everything is neat. I really need to remember this feeling so I don’t let my studio get out of control again.

folded pinks and whites

I also have to remember that it’s ok to ask for help. And once I’ve asked for help, it’s ok to let that person help me. And once that person is helping me, I should not throw hissy fits and make that person’s life miserable. See? I’m learning.

folded orange, yellow and green


  1. oh dear, i love reading when you write what resonates. i sit here and want to yell, 'YES! me too!" i am more creative when it's neat, too. if it's messy, i can't be creative because i am stressed out and have to clean things first again.
    say, could i possibly convince you to share the measurements for that bento box supersquare you made? for the cut fabric, i mean. you described how you had to calculate around so that when cut apart, the squares would be a big as they were supposed to be, and now i'm too intimidated to even try myself ;)

  2. The biggest creativity squasher for me is having to search for things. Because by the time I find the thing in a huge pile of other things, I don't have the time or energy to do what I wanted to do in the first place. So, even though I'm not a physically organized person normally, I'm forcing myself to try. Mentally I'm always very organized. This causes much tension in my life.

    The measurements for the super square are:

    Fabric A (center):
    1 – 6”x6”
    Fabric B:
    2 – 3”x6”
    2 – 3”x11”
    Fabric C:
    2 – 3”x11”
    2 – 3”x16”

    Make sure to assemble the block in the correct order. First sew the 3x6" strips of fabric B onto opposite sides of the center square (A). Then sew the 3x11 strips (B) to the two remaining sides and so on. Use a quarter inch seam allowance. :)

  3. LOVE the color coordinated piles of fabric. It's like a gentle wash-cycle for my brain.


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