I know it’s a little late to talk about New Year’s resolutions but that’s ok, I don’t mind. In 2008 I came up with a resolution that I then resolved to use every year: live fabulously!

For me, living fabulously isn’t about buying expensive things or going to fancy places or doing things because I think other people will think they’re fabulous. It mostly means that I’ve given myself permission to enjoy life in whatever way appeals to me the most.

orange and yellow fabric

This could be construed as selfishness by some but it’s not really about that. It’s more about realizing that life is short and I owe it to myself to live it the way that makes me the happiest. And I hope you all know by now that being selfish does not make me happy.

It’s tempting to set some fabulous goals for the coming year but I think I’d rather take things as they come. Here’s wishing you your very own version of fabulousness in 2009.


  1. Yeah! We simply do not have enough time on this planet to spend being unhappy. Live to the fullest!


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