Predator and Prey.

I very much wanted to quilt this week. My blocks for the bento box are coming along well. I’m also working on a gift for a friend. But this…




is making it very difficult. I’m cat sitting and this one insists on rolling around on my fabric. When I try to pick him up he either bites me or hooks on to the fabric with his sharp claws. I’m just waiting for him to bunny kick one of my blocks. Can you imagine the carnage?

I’m not a cat owner and, consequently, I’m uncomfortable trimming his claws. Also, he’s resourceful and I’m sure he’d think of something much worse to do to my fabric. So, everything has been put away until they go back home. I’m picking up my boyfriend from the airport in a couple of hours (they are his bundles of joy) which means I won’t get a chance to work on things until after dance class tomorrow evening. I have big plans for the hour or so before bedtime. I just might have enough finished to warrant another progress post.

I'll definitely miss the cuddly, sleepy kitties but it'll be nice when my fabric is once again safe from those who would do it harm.


  1. Ooh, best not to trim the claws! You may well lose the usefulness of your hands for a while - take it from one who knows.

    That yellow fabric is making me drool. You've convinced me to spend *money* on my fabric purchases from now on - I can't find anything so beautiful at the 'box' stores, & I'm getting sick of making do with junk.

  2. Ian trims their claws in the bath tub because they go into a kitty coma in the water. It's the only safe time. Yikes!

    I know! Who knew yellow could be so beautful? I felt the same way after another boring trip to the boring fabric store a while back. There's nothing fun there, nothing with any sort of contrast or even two colors in the same fabric. They're all boring color on slightly-different-shade-of-same-color prints that I hate spending money on.

    The yellow in the picture is from Heather Bailey:

    I'm trying to use up my junk fabric on things that don't need to be washed a lot since I'm not sure they're sturdy enough to be used in a quilt. The ugly stuff is being cut up for a scrap quilt. Eventually I'll only have fabric I LOVE in my stash. What a fun day that'll be!

  3. indeed, that IS pretty fabric! i have one yellow fabric that i like, too. don't even have a stash assembled.
    how did you get the fabric you don't like?

    looking forward to more quilt updates :) and happy for you that your boyfriend is coming back.
    i'm less than a quarter into cutting fabric for a non-ragged quilt, and it's such no fun. i can't even do it with the rotary cutter, creeps me out. well, hope to read more later :)

  4. Now I'm inspired to make a Bento Box quilt too - and I have just the fabric to do it. I've set it aside for another pattern, but I think I've changed my mind.

    I love that yellow and white colourway....

    P.S. I found a pattern for it online here:

  5. Christine,

    I ended up with fabric I don't like because

    (1)I went to a big-box fabric store and they never had anything that I really loved but I needed fabric so I bought it.

    (2)I bought a ton of fabric for a huge project and had to get certain shades of a certain color which meant the fabric is sort of ugly but when I used it for the project, it didn't really matter. Then I abandoned the project and now I have all this crappy, ugly fabric in colors I'm probably not going to be able to use for things other than a scrap quilt.

    (3)In the beginning I didn't care about quality and so I bought stuff that was pretty but not good enough for my quilts these days. These are all going into a scrap quilt for me and if they fall apart, that’s ok.

    I really think you should try the rotary cutter again. It’s a self-healing mat so it doesn’t care if you cut into it. :) It really improved my quilting life and now cutting if my favorite part of making a quilt!

  6. Well hello, urban-quilter! It's nice to see you over here!

    Oh, please do a bento box. I can't wait to see your fabric and your pictures. You always make such beautiful things. What colors are you going to use?

    Thanks for the link...I used it in my latest quilt update. :)


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