Lovely gifts!

It’s funny how packages always seem to arrive exactly when they’re needed most. I got home from work yesterday and found one waiting for me, all bright and cheery inside my mailbox. Inside were the loveliest gifts from my friend and author of An Open Eye.

I found all this inside the tiny envelope:

Gifts from Jane

A beautiful journal that she covered in fabric…double sided too:

Gifts from Jane

…gorgeous yarn, stickers made from photos of her work, a button and the Twilight soundtrack. I was so excited that I forgot to tend to my Mac and Cheese and it got nuked into oblivion. But it was worth it because, well, because how nice are these gifts? I put in the Twilight soundtrack (oh Edward, how I miss you…) and worked on the quilt block for my grandpa. It was such a lovely evening. Thank you again! The gifts were quite unexpected and much appreciated.


  1. that does look mighty sweet. the notebook is a great idea, and so pretty!

    i'm sorry about your grandpa. thanks for sharing the photo and stories about him.

  2. I just stumbled across your was searching for sonnet fabric from april cornell on google. Anyway...I enjoyed reading your blog. I am just getting started in the blog world but I love to quilt and I am taking my first knitting class this thursday. If you get a chance check out my blog...
    p.s. sorry about your grandpa.

  3. Jenny,

    Hello! I'm happy you found my blog by accident...I love when that happens. I'm off to check out your blog, thanks for letting me know you're here. :)



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