A bit of a mishmash.

So, a few things today. The first is that I've been a little blah lately. I didn't get much sewing done this weekend and what I did I can't show anyone yet, just in case someone is reading my blog. I only sewed two strips onto one bento block and didn't even bother to press the seams. That's how blah I am. I love pressing seams!

Before I forget, maybe you've seen this already but if you haven't and you, like me, can't throw a piece of fabric away unless it's smaller than, say, 3/4" or something, check out this quilt tutorial. It's a fast and easy way to use up even the tiniest scraps of fabric. The piecing method is also useful for log cabins and, well, a lot of other blocks. Also, if you hate cutting fabric, this method is where it's at!

Also, would you like to see a gratuitous picture of me? We haven't been properly introduced yet.

just me

Also, do you want to hear some advice my mom gave me a few years ago? No matter how little you like having your picture taken or how much you hate looking at pictures of yourself, there will come a day when you'll appreciate having photos of yourself when you're young. Young is relative, of course, and it's never too late to start...so maybe today is the day to take a picture of yourself so you can look back at your youth and remember how sweet it was. That's my plan anyway...


  1. I am such a fabric hoarder. Throwing scraps away really pains me, so I have a huge, huge scrap pile that I work from. Usually I use it to piece together little doll parts and stuff. Once I decide to get ballsy enough to start a quilt, that tutorial will definitely come in handy.

    Really cute picture of you! And very nicely staged, in front of your well organized fabric stash! I kind of feel the same way about pictures, even though I look like a complete tard in all of them. I'm totally camera-shy, so there aren't very many pictures of me right now and I need to take more so Julian will be able to see what I looked like as a young mom.

  2. that's a fabulous plan! thanks for sharing the picture :)
    i cannot throw away fabric, either, and don't like cutting it. so i'm eager to look at your link, but first do laundry and bake a cake, ms. domesticity says. [my alter ego, she is]
    i'm not even camera-shy, so maybe i should start featuring myself a lot more on my blog? ;)
    just yday i found madeitmyself.com, by the way. its philisophy is to bridge the gap between stuff made for 30 cents elsewhere and being sold for 10 bucks here, thus distributing the wealth a bit. for now, it's mostly US, though. but, since they just started, it's free to list things, up to 180 days. i think you should take advantage of that! if there are things you have to sell, not only as gifts. not to miss the golden opportunity, i listed my mom's quilt. will have to make her a new one if it sells :)

  3. I love that you're posting that link - as soon as I saw it yesterday, I printed it off and skippily brought it home.

    Sorry to hear that you're feeling a bit blah - it's the time of year - my beloved is suffering from it as well. I get mine in November though (always rushing in like that), so thankfully we're not going through it at the same time.

    I finished my Bento Block top and am going tonight to pick up backing. I hope to get started and maybe finish quilting it this weekend so it'll be my first finished quilt of 2009! :)

  4. Allison,

    Thanks! It's the only spot in my house that looks, well, picturesque? Picture-worthy? I don't know...I don't really have any great spots for self-portraits. Or a good technique...but this was the best I could do.

    Also, I find I'm usually the one behind the camera (I'm sure you understand this phenomenon) so it takes more of an effort to catch me on film. I really enjoy looking at pictures of my mom when she was my age so I'm sure Julian will appreciate it someday.

  5. Christine,

    Yes, I think you (and everyone) should post more pictures. Especially if you’re not even camera shy!

    I have an etsy.com shop but I’ve never listed anything for sale there. It sounds like it’s similar to the madeitmyself site. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Urban-quilter...oh goodness! You're done with your bento box top? That's fantastic! I'm just not excited to work on mine and that's silly because I'm still excited about it. But, blah wins out for now.

    It's been an emotionally draining week for me which has contributed to the blah-ness. Or maybe I've been emotional because I'm feeling blah? Who can even know. Sorry to hear your honey is in the same boat.

    I was looking at my scraps just this morning and I can't wait to try out that tutorial...or something similar. I have lots of strips so maybe a scrappy log cabin would be fun. I must finish other things first, though. I need to shop for backing tonight too...good luck on your quest!

  7. Yes I'm done it, and quite happy with it - but don't feel like an underachiever - I've done absolutely nothing but lie around slothfully since then.

    Quilt it is doing a great scrappy star challenge at her blog too, which I'm going to do using all my red scraps and white backing. At least, that's the plan. ;) But I've been feeling way unmotivated, plus, wasn't there some pseudo vow about not making any more tops until my UFO's are quilted? Or something...

    Hope you're feeling better soon.



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